Seo Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology

About us

We study Transportation Research with Data Science by investigating transportation systems and information and communication technology based on theory and data to realize a better society. Emerging technologies such as automated driving, ridesharing, and connected vehicles are of particular interest. The research topics include data-driven estimation methods for the state of transportation systems (e.g., traffic flow in a road network), model development to understand the behavior of these systems, and control measures to socially optimize these systems by eliminating congestion.

Our educational policy is to provide students with the abilities to understand (or create) mathematical models that abstract the real world, solve or compute such models, perform statistical analysis of data, develop computer programs, and write logically. Emphasis is placed on a solid understanding of principles and their application to the expression and solution of problems.

The principal investigator of this lab is Associate Professor Toru Seo. We are at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology (aka. Tokyo Tech). We are also a part of Transport Studies Unit of Tokyo Tech.

If you wish to apply to our lab for the graduate school admission exam, please consult with Prof. Seo in advance.



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